Residential fall yard clean up in Northglenn, CO.

Yard Cleanups

Spring and fall yard cleanups in Northglenn, CO and surrounding northern Denver areas are a must. Yard cleanups consist of leaf removal, fertilization, trimming, weeding, and much more.

Spring and Fall Lawn Clean Up Services in Northglenn, Thornton, and Broomfield, CO

Whether it’s the Rocky Mountains on the horizon or the lawn outside your window, both views should be breathtaking year-round. And while raking leaves into a big pile and jumping into them may have been great fun when you were a nine-year-old, we understand you have much bigger things to jump into these days.

The key to a beautiful lawn goes beyond mowing, and even beyond the April to October mowing season in Northglenn, Thornton, and Broomfield, CO. That’s why we offer multiple options for preparing and maintaining both residential and commercial lawns outside the summer months.

Spring Lawn Cleanup Services

We offer full-service spring yard cleanups. We take the time to prepare your lawn for another growing season by:

  • Reshaping your landscaping and flower beds.
  • Mulching we have several attractive mulch offerings. Popular choices for the Northglenn, CO areas are organic mulches like wood bark, wood chips, and pine needles.
  • Aeration improves the air exchange between soil and the atmosphere, increases the soils water and nutrient uptake, reduces water runoff, and promotes stronger roots.
  • Cleaning up debris from the winter.
  • Fertilizing with a proper formula of slow-release fertilizer. During the spring the grass root system begins to grow prior to the grass blades, fertilizing in the spring will give additional nutrients to the root system in preparation for the growing season.
  • Treating and preventing weed growth. Weeds can take over your Northglenn lawn, weeds like crabgrass, bindweed, spurge, mallow, and foxtail can ruin a great lawn. Proper treatment is necessary to ward off these unwanted weeds.

Yard cleanup services with fall leaves raked into a pile at a home in Northglenn, CO

Fall Lawn Clean Up Services

In the fall, we understand the necessity of doing a clean sweep, literally. Removing leaves and pine needles are the number one priority come autumn - not only so your lawn will be attractive for the holidays, but also to keep it healthy. Leaves left on your lawn during the winter months can suffocate your lawn. They block sunlight and water from penetrating your grass. In addition to being unattractive, unshredded leaves and pine needles also invite mold, weeds, disease, and rodents.

Once the daily temperatures drop below 50 degrees, it is time to prepare for the cold weather months. Here in the Northglenn, Thornton, and Broomfield, CO areas, that occurs sometime in October. We are ready to help you winterize your lawn by:

  • Removing leaves We use the rake & barrel method and a billy goat vacuum for a spotless finish.
  • Aerating your lawn for healthy absorption of nutrients.
  • Cleaning up sticks and other clutter.
  • Fertilizing with a rapid-release formula.

When it comes to lawn clean up, let our Down to Earth professionals do the groundwork for you. Call us today at (303) 915-8978!

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