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Northglenn Landscape Lighting

Illuminating your landscaping and outdoor elements with accent lighting, down lighting, and uplighting are just a few techniques we use! Serving the Northglenn, Thornton, and Broomfield, CO areas.

Northglenn, CO Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

We believe that great lighting can be the crowning jewel of your home or business. Outdoor lighting not only adds beauty, it also provides safety and security to your yard and structures. Lights can showcase your landscape, add drama to your lawn, highlight the most beautiful features of your property, light the paths you and your guests walk. In addition, a well-lit area is a deterrent to unwanted intruders, keeping you more secure at all hours of the day or night.

Outdoor lights are designed to be unobtrusive, to illuminate designated features without being obvious. As such, they are easily hidden away between shrubs or into ground coverings to project architectural shadows up your walls and trees or cast an elegant glow around landscaping. Additionally, underwater lights add depth and contrast to pools and ponds.

Lighting Styles and Techniques

Landscape lights are essential for enjoying your beautiful lawn and outdoor spaces after dark. At Down to Earth, we offers installation and maintenance of:

  • Up Lighting - fixtures placed at ground level to highlight large landscape features and the architectural highlights of your home.
  • Downlighting - fixtures placed higher to cast a dramatic light downward and illuminate a larger area.
  • Path lighting - small, diffused lighting fixtures placed along walkways, driveways, and patios to create interest and walking safety.
  • Specialty lighting - fixtures designed to set a mood or create an environment. Some examples of specialty lights are string lights, pergola accents, and underwater lighting for pools, ponds, and waterfalls.
  • Accent lighting - fixtures placed to draw attention to one particular feature, such as an entry or landscape feature.
  • Moonlighting - fixtures placed high in trees and pointed downward to create the same intriguing shadows and leaf patterns on the ground as moonlight.

Landscape lighting featuring down-lighting and accent lighting at a home in Northglenn, CO.

Landscaping Lighting Installation and Maintenance

Whatever your preference, we will help you select and expertly install lighting that will complement your Colorado decor. From the clarity of halogen to the eco-friendly LED to the warmth of incandescent, we can help you decorate your landscape in style, and add interest and functionality to your exterior. We also help you effortlessly maintain your landscape lighting system by replacing your incandescent bulbs (averaging 1,000 hours) and low-voltage halogen lamps (averaging 4,000 hours) every few months. We strive to make every detail perfect and hassle-free.

Landscape and outdoor lighting can be the very feature that pushes your lawn from special to spectacular. For lighting that is out of this world, call at (303) 915-8978.

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