Mowing and maintenance of a property in Thornton, CO.

Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

Weekly lawn mowing and maintenance packages will keep your property looking its best all year long! Residential and commercial services in Northglenn, CO and other northern Denver communities.

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance for Northglenn, Thornton, and Broomfield, CO

We offer our professional lawn mowing and maintenance services to residential and commercial clients in Northglenn, Thornton, Broomfield, and surrounding areas.

Your business and home are reflections of your life and family, and your lawn should reflect perfection. Colorado lawns can be perfect and spectacular, but they can also pose serious challenges like:

  • An 8-month lawn mowing season in the Northglenn, Thornton, and Broomfield communities
  • Debris, such as leaves, pine needles, and tree limbs
  • Weeds, like bindweed, curly dock, dandelion, and others
  • Diseases, such as leaf blight and ring spot
  • Insects, like cutworms, billbugs, and white grubs

You already work hard for your family and your business. At Down to Earth, we don’t think you should have to work hard to maintain your lawn. You have earned your “me time”! That’s where we spring into action with our suite of services. Our professionals always keep your lawn at its best, giving you the extra help you need to avoid the hassle of doing the yard work.

Ongoing weekly lawn mowing and maintenance client in the Thornton, CO

Lawn Mowing Services

We understand your lawn mowing needs. We tailor our services to meet the needs of your property and your type of grass, whether Kentucky Bluegrass, Buffalograss, or Blue Grama. Once-a-week mowing is generally done during the peak of the season, which is April through October.

The One-Third Rule is important to us when it comes to keeping your grass in peak condition. We never remove more than 1/3 the height of the grass at any one mowing to ensure your turf can optimally utilize photosynthesis to nurture itself.

We prefer to use smaller mowing equipment to care for your lawn. Smaller equipment does not leave ruts like the big commercial mowers do. We also mow your lawn in pattern rotation, this helps to strengthen your root system and encourages thicker, more upright growth.

Regular landscaping maintenance and ongoing lawn mowing at a home in Thornton, CO.

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Our goal is to manicure your lawn and landscaping perfectly each time we come to your property by:

  • Edging your landscaping and walkways
  • Weed Eating around the house, trees, fences, etc.
  • Blowing grass clippings off your driveway and walkways
  • Optional trimming, pruning, and weeding landscaping beds
  • Optional mulching in the spring

We would love to take the dread of yard work off your already-busy to-do list. If you want to make the most of your Colorado summer while still showing off your lawn and landscaping, call now and ask us about our lawn mowing and maintenance packages at (303) 915-8978!

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