Lawn care aeration at a home in Northglenn, CO .

Aeration & Dethatching

Core aeration and dethatching services improve your lawn by allowing water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots. Currently serving Northglenn, CO and other nearby communities.

At Down to Earth, we provide expert core aeration & dethatching services for residences in the Northglenn, Thornton, and Broomfield, CO areas!

Maintaining your yard may be achieved by mowing, edging, and trimming, but keeping it green is another process entirely. We provide exceptional core aeration and dethatching services for your Northglenn, Thornton, and Broomfield properties that will keep your yard lush, green, and nutrient-packed all year long!

What is dethatching?

Over time, your lawn develops a layer of thatch, which is comprised of debris, roots, and dead grass. While having a layer of thatch is natural in moderation, having a thick layer prevents nutrients, air, and water from reaching down deep into the roots of your grass. If the thatch in your yard is more than three-quarters of an inch, you have a problem.

Our professionals will come and examine your yard, by cutting a wedge of grass out, to determine the extent of thatch in your yard. If necessary, prior to aeration, we will use a dethatching machine, which tears the layer of thatch up from your yard.

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Ignoring thatch build up?

Keeping up with your lawn and properly dethatching is necessary for the health and growth of the grass. If left untreated, the thatch in your yard will cause

  • A thick mat under the grass.
  • Absorption of moisture that promotes the spread of disease and pests.
  • Prevents the moisture from moving down through the soil to the roots where it is needed the most.

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What is core aeration?

Your lawn needs proper core aeration yearly to keep it thriving and growing properly. As one of the best things for your lawn, core aeration is the process of using a machine to punch holes into the soil and thatch. The benefits of core aeration are numerous and include

  • Allows the lawn to breathe easier.
  • Let's water, air, and sunlight enter the roots of the grass.
  • Promotes a healthier, thicker, and greener lawn.

The Aeration Process

Our professional landscapers have the tools and manpower to efficiently aerate your lawn. The process involves using a machine that punches holes into the soil and thatch. The machine then pulls out the core and deposits it on the surface of the lawn where it eventually gets mowed over and used as a layer of organic matter to improve the soil.

Your roots now have the space they need to breathe and gain access to nutrients and hydration. The deeper your roots are allowed to grow, the healthier your grass will be. Core aeration on cool season grasses, like in Colorado, should be done during peak growing season. We offer our services during late summer or early fall to ensure your core aeration will be done at least 50 days prior to the ground freezing.

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